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Note: As a DTE Energy "Trade Ally Partner" we can help you obtain a savings on your next energy upgrade, from 60% to 100% of the cost!

We are also offering for the next two months (untill 03/15/2010) a "Online Savings" on our Equality-Air units, 20% off the retail price!

Few Words About Us

Equality-Air Systems

Our Energy Solution is a superior alternative to conventional industrial fans and to expensive air movement systems; a 2500 sq. ft. room will have 2 sq. ft. of down draft at room temperature, with 2496 sq. ft. with no draft at all. 100% comfort and up to 30% or more savings on cooling and heating.

Anyone using the Equality-Air Systems should save approximately 1/3 in heating and cooling through the life of the unit. (We have reports of as much as 50% savings in some cases)

Operating Cost
Based on 8 cents per kWh running at maximum speed, 24 hours per day. NOTE: The specified electrical charges per kWh. used to calculate your bills are available by calling your utility company. Along with directly reducing fuel, energy savings in electricity also occur by reducing the "ON TIME" electrical demand of your heating and cooling mechanical equipment and or burner and related controls, etc. (Since heating and cooling equipment is not operating 30 to 40% of the time, this reduces your normal maintenance and replacement expenses incurred with your equipment). Savings Example: If you are paying $200 per month on heating and cooling your building and you save 1/3 of your heating and cooling costs, your net monthly savings should be approx. $66.

Warranty and ServicesThe Equality-Air Systems' heavy-duty ECM motors has a Seven -year warranty, normal service life is 10 to 15 years based on continuous 24 hours per day.

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